Crisis Intervention:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline            (800-273-8255)           Website

NSPL for the Deaf & Hearing-Impaired        (800-799-4889)           Chat with the Lifeline!

NSPL en Español                                                  (888-628-9454)

NVF Vet-to-Vet Assistance                                  (888-777-4443)          Website

Knowledge Bases and Mental Health Information:

National Institute of Mental Health                                            

Jacksonville Mental Health Resources:

Mental Health Resource Center           

River Region Human Services               

Northwest Behavioral Health                

Jacksonville “Wrap-Around” Services and Resources:

Housing Services

Jacksonville Housing Authority            

COJ Affordable Housing Services                  (904-255-8216)

Financial Wellness

Operation: HOPE                                        

UnitedWay’s RealSense                           

Employment Resources

CareerSource of Northeast Florida      

.                                                                                   Location Listings

Employ Florida                                           

Florida Division of Vocational Rehab.

Handouts and Infographics:

Suicide Awareness

Suicide Prevention Flyer

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