Current Humanitarian Events

This page is a summary of what our staff are monitoring in our Disaster Operations Center. Information is updated periodically.

Active Disaster Responses

Northern Mexico: on-going drug cartel violence (last update: 5/1/2022)

Ukraine: [MEGA] military conflict (attacked by Russia and Belarus) with 12M+ refugees

Israel: [MEGA] on-going terror attacks

United States: [MEGA] avian flu outbreak (30 states) — low public health risk

East Africa: [MEGA] extreme drought and famine

Worldwide: [MEGA] CoVID-19 pandemic

Disasters in Recovery Phase

New York, New York: mass shooting on subway — 16 injured, suspect at large (updated to Recovery: 4/15/2022)

New Orleans, Louisiana: tornado on 3/22/2022 (updated to Recovery: 4/1/2022)

Des Moine, Iowa: tornados on 3/6/2022 (updated to Recovery: 3/27/2022)

Indonesia: severe flooding in multiple locations (updated to Recovery: 3/21/2022)

Australia: widespread severe flooding (updated to Recovery: 3/21/2022)

These are the locations for some the crises and disasters that we are monitoring and/or supporting. Find out how you can help here and can donate financially here — please don’t forget to specify which incident(s) you are supporting. Our entire staff is volunteer and 100% of all donations go towards those we serve.