The Foundation provides support and assistance in multiple areas that are improving our community.  Here are just a few:


Every 65 minutes a US servicemember or veterans dies by suicide.  We’re working to raise awareness of this unacceptable situation to improve veterans’ mental health and will work every day #Until1isNone.


Hundreds in our community have no idea where they will sleep tonight and many more will sleep outside, on sidewalks, under overpasses, or in parks.  In the most prosperous nation on Earth, this situation is simply unacceptable.

Fathers’ Rights

We’re working to help dads who are ignored, stereotyped, and discriminated against by a legal system that refuses to recognize dads who are often times begging the courts to let them be dads and partnering with others who are working to do the same.


We are working to stop the 10,0001 to 15,0002 deaths related to drunk- or impaired driving every year.  We do this through education and advocacy, along with working with local business and community leaders to find innovative solutions that stop this terrible statistic from continuing any longer.

Scholarship and Academic Empowerment

Our founder’s dream was to be the first in his family to graduate from college and it was only through the incredible generosity of others that he was able to realize that dream.  We are focused on helping others with that same dream to succeed in realizing it through the Bars Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship.

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