eMoods Mood Tracking — using technology to help manage bipolar

By Ben Simpson-Black


We’ve recently discovered this app and have been putting in through the wringer to see just how it stacks up and if it is actually useful for helping manage bipolar disorder.

Before we get into it, a quick note about the “tester:”

Tester was a male, 25-35 years old, who lives with Rapid-Cycling, Type II Bipolar Disorder.  He was diagnosed more than 10 years ago and his condition is well-controlled with long-term medication.

Now the good stuff.  We highly recommend this app for a number of reasons and only have one recommendation to the developer for something they could improve.


  • The app is free to use but, like most apps (regardless of what they’re for), it has additional features that are only available for a fee,
  • The fee for the additional feature (custom data points is the big one) is only $10,
  • You can create a report and easily email it to your mental health provider,
  • It tracks everything from medications, to moods, weight, and much more,
    • Our volunteer added a few customized data points for sleep quality and exercise,
  • It is very intuitive and very user-friendly,


  • You can’t remove any of the “standard” data points (our volunteer wanted to remove one that didn’t apply to him and wasn’t able to) but you can opt in or out of weight and menstrual cycle.

We highly encourage anyone who feels that tracking their mood would be beneficial to give this app a try.  Here are download links:

GPBadge          ITBadge

Once you try it out, comment below and let us know what you think and if you have any recommendations for the developer.

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